Former Kansas City Chiefs fullback Christian Okoye is a Hall of Fame legend whose accolades include two Pro Bowl appearances and being the AFC Offensive Player of the Year and the NFL rushing yards leader in 1989, and all this isn’t due to nothing.

Okoye, 57, told uSports exclusively that he does his best every day to stay in shape.

“I still try to keep in shape somehow and I took the drugs I always take when I play,” said Okoye, who is a big supporter and consumer of medical marijuana and hemp products. “Waking up in the morning is extremely hard, but you have to keep moving. If you don’t move, your body stops.”

He continued, explaining his love for Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, which is derived from cannabis plants and is shown to treat anxiety and other physical or mental health issues. “When I got introduced to CBD oil through [cannabis clinic] Kannaway, it helped me take something natural. I wake up in the morning [feeling] great. I’m able to run, move around and lift weights. So yes, I do work out every day just to maintain and stay healthy.”


Kannaway is a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc, the first publicly-traded cannabis company in the U.S.

Okoye said in a separate interview with uSports that he only uses the drug for medical reasons. He said: “I have never taken or smoked marijuana, but CBD is something that I believe in and it works out for me. It helps me alleviate some of the pain I feel every day.”


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