When asked about how people have reacted to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) allowing athletes to participate in social justice protests, Allyson Felix claimed that she had not been in communication with other athletes since that decision was made.

Felix claims, however, that she has heard other athletes say they want to speak up about important issues such as the current social justice protests.

Felix said she didn’t want to speak on behalf of anybody, but imagines that other athletes are as excited as her.

“I don’t know [the reactions] of other athletes. I haven’t been in communication with anyone since that decision came out, but I know that I’ve been on calls where athletes were expressing their desire to want to be able to speak out on issues that they were passionate about and to be able to do that in the field of play,” Felix said. “I’m really excited to hear that news and I think that others would be as well. I don’t want to speak on behalf of anybody, but it’s a major step and I think the impact will be that there will be awareness to a lot of important issues. especially issues that affect our individual communities.”

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