Team USA bobsledder Chris Mazdzer and three-time Olympic competitor will be returning for his fourth Olympic Games in Bejing.

Before the season started Madzer was in an accident that broke his foot, making it difficult for him to prepare. He didn’t let this setback get him down, and was able to turn it into a positive experience.

“It’s not necessarily a physical boost but I think adversity is a great motivator. There’s always pros and cons to everything that happens,” he said. “Break a foot, can’t slide, but then I can still train in the gym upper body more so than I could if I was sliding, so there’s always a way to fuel those disappointments into other areas in life.”

One of Mazdzer’s favorite parts of competing on Team USA is how close together everyone on the team is.

“You are with people that you need them to boost you up and be there for you,” he said. “That environment is really what helps stand the US team apart from all the other nations in the sport of luge.”

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