Climber Brooke Raboutou, who is headed to the Paris Games in just a few weeks, is already enthused about the sport being included in the L.A. 2028 Olympics. “Yeah, I think it’s really cool that you know there’s L.A. ’28 and climbing will be in the games,” Raboutou told uSports, highlighting the sport’s expanding footprint.

Climbing, which made its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, has rapidly gained popularity, particularly in the United States. The sport’s unique blend of physical endurance, mental strength and strategic prowess has captivated audiences, leading to a surge in climbing gyms and competitions nationwide. Raboutou said, “Climbing is growing so much around the world, but especially in the U.S.”

As anticipation builds for L.A. 2028, the climbing community eagerly awaits details on the competition’s format. The inclusion of climbing in the L.A. Games is expected to boost the sport’s visibility and attract new fans.

Raboutou, an accomplished climber with a decorated career, embodies the sport’s vibrant and dynamic nature. “I think L.A. ’28 is going to have a really good appearance,” she said.

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