After a week that was dominated by the amazing students at Arizona State and their free throw distractions, the Davidson students decided they needed to get in on the fun. During the game between the Davidson Wildcats and Dayton Flyers last night, four students decided to distract Dayton’s free throw shooters by wearing speedos.

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Now this is not the first time a speedo has been worn to distract someone, but in a season with some crazy antics, it is simply hilarious to watch the crowd’s reaction. Now the big question is did it work? Well, Davidson did win, but Dayton was still 13 for 19 from the free throw line: so it sort of did.

Either way, this season has become really interesting, watching NCAA basketball to see what fans will do next. And in case you missed Arizona State’s “Curtain of Distraction,” here is what they did.

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