Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams was charged with misdemeanor assault in the Municipal Court of Kansas City Wednesday morning.

Adams shoved a credentialed photographer following a loss to the Chiefs on Monday Night Football and, along with legal charges, could also face disciplinary action from the NFL.

Following the incident, which occurred as Adams was walking back to the locker room at Arrowhead Stadium, the star wide receiver immediately apologized, expressing frustration about the Raiders’ 30-29 defeat.

“So I wanted to say sorry to him for that because that was just frustration mixed with him literally just running in from of me,” Adams said in a postgame interview. “I shouldn’t have responded that way, but that’s how I initially responded. So, I want to apologize to him for that.”

Despite Adams’ apology, Kansas City police confirmed Tuesday that the photographer, who was identified as Ryan Zebley, filed a police report after suffering whiplash and possibly a minor concussion. Zebley was working as a freelance photographer for Monday Night Football.

Adams was charged on Wednesday, with court records showing that he was cited for “an intentional, overt act” in harming the photographer. He is set to appear in court on Nov. 10.

If convicted, Adams could technically serve six months in jail but will more likely have to pay a fine for as much as $1,000.

His troubles do not end there, however, as the NFL could still punish him for violating the league’s Personal Conduct policy. The NFL typically acts in response to legal outcomes and has suspended players for two to three games in similar cases in the past.

In nine seasons in the NFL, Adams has never faced disciplinary action, instead gaining a reputation as a dependable star receiver for the Green Bay Packers.

In his first season with the Raiders, the team has competed at times but nevertheless maintains a 1-4 record through five weeks.

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