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USWNT Forward Alex Morgan’s Diet Gameplan [Video Exclusive]

Soccer Star Alex Morgan on Her Healthy Diet by uSports

Whether you’re a world class athlete or just trying to survive the week, giving your body the proper fuel to power through is essential. For someone like the United States Women’s National Team’s Alex Morgan, eating the right foods and making smart choices is the key to keeping her energy levels at the highest level.

“Preparing for the games, I try to have a healthy diet,” she told uSports. “Whether that’s eating blueberries at breakfast or putting an avocado in my salad, it’s super foods like that that are helping my diet.”

And if a diet like that sounds like too much temptation to cheat, Morgan understands that too. Her indulgence of choice after a big tournament? “Splurging on a hamburger and some really fatty desserts.”

Photo: Alex Morgan #13 of USA looks on during the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup semi final match against Germany at Olympic Stadium on June 30, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The United States defeated Germany 2-0 and move to the final round

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Written by Joe Kozlowski