During last night’s Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets match-up at the Barclays Center, the league’s trash talking leader Kevin Garnett got into it with Dwight Howard.

What started as a foul from the Brooklyn Nets star quickly escalated into a shoving contest: and soon after, Garnett decided to take it a step further and he headbutted the 6’11” star.

Soon this resulted in a bit of a fight: where the two athletes had to be separated, with Kevin Garnett being quite emotional despite starting the exchange. At the same time, it did look like Howard attempted to throw a slap or a punch during the drama, which is pointed out at the end of the above video: meaning Dwight could have and probably should have been thrown out too.

In the end, Kevin was ejected, Howard finished the game and the Rockets crushed the struggling Brooklyn franchise 113-99.

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