There is zero description of the video on YouTube, so everything is pretty much taken out of context. There is no indication of what this supposed Yankee fan did to piss off the Baltimore Oriole fan — or half the stadium — but the result is hilarious.

The best part of the video has to be the Yankee fan getting pummeled and taken it like a champ: he picks his head up from the punches and maniacally laughs in the attacker’s face.

Bravo buddy for looking semi-cool. That is until the cops came and it looked like he started to play the role of the victim. Also, I love how the Oriole fan’s friends try to convince the officer that he did not do anything: the aggressor stands still, like maybe the cop will not see him — what is the officer a T-Rex from Jurassic Park? And finally, why is the guy sitting directly behind the action wearing a Phillies hat?

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Either way, the Orioles got the last laugh, as the Yankees dropped the series: they have last three series in a row to AL East opponents.

h/t: The Big Lead

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