Update #4: It looks like the Eagles are going to sign both Ryan Matthews and DeMarco Murray.

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Update #3: “It was never about the money in any situation,” DeMarco told ESPN’s Todd Archer. “If it was the money, I could’ve taken that a long time ago on a very high deal. It’s about winning a Super Bowl and being fair.” While the deal is not official, it is basically as good as sealed, making many wonder about Ryan Matthews’ future.

Update #2: Alleged deal with the Eagles is for 5 years worth $42 million with $21 million guaranteed, according to Adam Schefter.

Update #1: Dallas Cowboys are reaching out to other running backs because they know “they’ve lost DeMarco Murray to the Eagles, according to Adam Schefter.

After initial reports that star running back Marco Murray will be visiting Philadelphia today, there is a possibility the trip could lead to a deal. There are expectations from both camps that this Thursday visit will lead to a contract being signed, according to Adam Schefter’s league sources.

The initial talks began on Wednesday, when Demarco reached out to the organization. The former Cowboys running back liked Chip Kelly’s spread offense and wanted to play with former Oklahoma teammate Sam Bradford, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

“Absolutely. I’ve been trying my hardest,” Sam Bradford said about Murray. “I’ve called him. I’ve texted him. I’ve done everything. We’ve been in communication. If we can somehow land him, it would be a great pickup. Not only is he a great player, he’s a great person. He’s a really close friend of mine, too. I think he can really help this ball club.”

And it appears that Dallas did offer a contract to DeMarco, but it was too low of a figure — around $5 million a year — according to Yahoo Sports. Jerry Jones has thus made the back’s chance of signing with the Eagles greater: he likes the offense, the QB and probably could get a little more money out of the organization.

Still, Kelly has preached about remaining frugal in his spending: he is not going to pay out a huge contract. Of course, Murray would be a monumental addition to the Philly team, yet how much will both sides concede for DeMarco to be in that Eagles uniform. Obviously, the former Dallas running back won the rushing title last year and has had a tremendous career thus far: in his four years, he rushed for 4,526 yards and 13 touchdowns with 4.8 YPA. Still, there is the question about injury — he missed eleven games from 2011-13 — especially after carrying the ball over 400 times throughout the 2014 campaign.

On top of this, what is going to happen to Ryan Matthews. Though his agents and the Eagles have agreed to a number, no one has officially signed a contract, according to Adam Schefter. Will he attempt to get out of the deal if the Eagles sign Murray? Does he think he could be a number one running back somewhere else?

And though Murray is going to the city of brotherly love with the intent to sign, Dallas has reportedly one last effort to offer the running back a deal. So by the end of the day, the world should know where the running back is playing his 2015 season. Either way, Philadelphia has been the biggest question mark this offseason and somehow their situation has gotten even more interesting.

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