Over the years, Marshawn Lynch’s beast mode has become infamous around the league: the Super Bowl winning running back for the Seattle Seahawks has always proclaimed that he speaks through his action on the field. And there are very few guys who can toss a defenseman like the 5’11” 215 pound back. So as a result, uSports decided to list the quintessential Marshawn Lynch beast mode moments.

2014 Season Game vs. Arizona Cardinals

The entry that inspired this list, last night’s display by Lynch is both equally impressive and downright daunting: the way he tossed Patrick Peterson, a premier cornerback, and told Rashad Johnson “to sit down” with a stiff arm is utterly amazing. He turned what should have been a three yard play into a 79 yard touchdown run.

2011 Thursday Night Football Vs. Eagles

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A personal favorite in the New York office, this Marshawn Lynch run in 2011 is amazing for two reasons: first with how he got through what seemed like a ten lineman pile up and second it was a miracle the referees never blew the play dead. The run is only topped by Brad Nessler’s shocked play-by-play of the unfolding events: for once he truly reflected the bewildered expression of everyone watching.

2010 Wild Card Round Vs. New Orleans Saints

Despite winning the NFC West, the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks was seen as the underdogs against the 11-5 New Orleans Saints during the 2010 wild card round. However, this 67 yard touchdown was the final nail in the Saints coffin and simply something that football fans are never going to forget: he goes through roughly eight Saints defensemen to score a well deserved touchdown, putting the Seahawks up 41-30. Yes, the following week they lose to Chicago, but with that play, beast mode took center stage, cementing that the eventual Super Bowl winning Seahawks were the real deal.

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