On Sunday, the WWE hosted their Money in the Bank event from the company’s headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut. Typically this would be held in an arena with fans, but given the situation the world is in with the coronavirus pandemic, none were in attendance. There were some shocking results and overall great matches, there were also two WWE title matches. 

In terms of the ladder matches for Money in the Bank, the WWE did something different this time around, combining the men’s and women’s matches, having one winner from each match. The match was fought as mentioned inside the WWE headquarters, saw cameos by Vince and Stephanie McMahon, among other people, with fighters making their way through the building up toward the roof. Some memorable moments from this include Asuka diving from a banister into the rest of her competitors in the lobby, Otis trapping AJ Styles under a bench press bar, Styles and Daniel Bryan barreling into McMahon’s office to be given a not so happy look by the chairman. On the women’s side, it came down to Asuka, Lacey Evans and Nia Jax making it to the roof with Asuka quickly making her way up the ladder and securing the briefcase and the win. On the men’s side, King Corbin ‘threw’ both Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black off the roof before making his way toward the case with Styles. It appeared that Corbin was hit by Elias with his guitar, causing Corbin to stumble and the case falling into the hands of Otis, giving him the victory.

In some of the other matches, the New Day won the SmackDown tag team championship, retaining their title. In the WWE Championship, Drew McIntyre retained his title defeating Seth Rollins. Finally, in the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Bayley retained her title by defeating Tamina.

The WWE has suffered during the pandemic, as fans play a major role in fights and it appears that the WWE has sorely been missing not having fans in attendance for its fights. At least for last night however, it seemed that the WWE was able to put on an entertaining show given the circumstances, despite no fans being in attendance and it being a deviation from the norm.

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