After looking at the NFL, uSports decided to take the same exact process and apply it to the MLB. So what are the five greatest franchises in the history of America’s game? Well, we decided to rank teams by their all time records, all time winning percentages, World Series wins, pennants and playoff appearances. So without further ado, here are the top 5 MLB franchises of all time.

Oakland Athletics

Oakland-Athletics, Top-MLB-Franchises

Photo © Keith Allison via Flickr Commons

All Time Record: 8,622-9,048, .488 W-L%

World Series Record: 9-5

Pennants: 15


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Playoff Appearances: 26

Notable Players: Mark Mulder, Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi, Sal Bando, Barry Zito, Miguel Tejada, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson and Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter.

The Oakland Athletics, who has been on a bit of a slide the last few decades or so, is completely worth a mention for their 15 pennants, 26 playoff appearances and nine World Series wins. However, the team’s dominance has been in short spurts, with large chunks of time where they simply missed the playoffs, hence their under .500 all time record.

5) Los Angeles Dodgers

Los-Angeles-Dodgers, Top-MLB-Franchises

Photo © Keith Allison via Flickr Commons

All Time Record: 10,489-9,492, .525 W-L%

World Series Record: 6-12

Pennants: 22

Playoff Appearances: 28

Notable Players: Vin Scully, Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson, Gil Hodges, Mike Piazza, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp and Yasiel Puig.

A team that is as old as baseball itself, the Los Angeles Dodgers are only one of seven teams to record over 10,000 wins, good enough for third on the all time list. Even the Yankees have not achieved this feat. Most importantly, the team has seen a tremendous amount of success over the years, with 18 visits to the World Series in only 28 playoff appearances. Further add six championships — five of which came in Los Angeles — 22 pennants and sheer dominance from the 40s to 70s, where they made 14 of the 18 World Series, and you’ve got a top 5 all-time franchise in the Dodgers.

4) Boston Red Sox

Boston-Red-Sox, Top-5-MLB

Photo © Keith Allison via Flickr Commons

All Time Record: 9,146-8,554, .517 W-L%

World Series Record: 8-4

Pennants: 13

Playoff Appearances: 21

Notable Players: Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, Cy Young, Pedro Martinez, Jim Rice, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Carlton Fisk, Nomar Garciaparra and Tris Speaker.

A team that in the early 1900s was built up as the most successful club in baseball — they won five championships from 1903-1918 — the Boston Red Sox went on a historic World Series drought for over eighty years. But their three World Series wins in the last decade have edged them into the greatest MLB franchise conversation. And the numbers clearly back this notion up: their winning percentage, pennants and playoff appearances distinctively place the Red Sox as the number four franchise. And lets not forget, they are one of only three teams on this list to have a positive record in the World Series.

3) San Francisco Giants

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All Time Record: 10,780-9,262, .538%

World Series Record: 8-12

Pennants: 23

Playoff Appearances: 25

Notable Players: Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Williams, Will Clark, Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda, Tim Lincecum and Willie McCovey.

The hottest team in baseball right now — they have won three World Series in five years — the San Francisco Giants first got their start as the New York Gothams in 1883. Since then, they have garnered over 10,700 wins (the most in baseball), the second best winning percentage all time, eight World Series wins and have by far the most players in the hall. Most importantly, the Giants have reached the World Series 20 times out of their 25 playoff appearances. Unfortunately, they have gone on to lose twelve of those series, which is why the San Francisco team are only number three on this list.

2) St. Louis Cardinals

All Time Record: 10,471-9,701, .519 %

World Series Record: 11-8

Pennants: 23

Playoff Appearances: 27

Notable Players: Adam Wainwright, Chris Carpenter, Rogers Hornsby, Willie McGee, Mark McGwire, Dizzy Dean, Ozzie Smith, Albert Pujols, Bob Gibson and Stan Musial.

The St. Louis Cardinals have been a successful mainstay since their inception in 1882. And though the Giants have more overall wins and a better winning percentage, this decision came down to World Series rings. The Cardinals have won eleven out of 19, with the last one coming in 2011. Now, further add the talents of Albert Pujols, Ozzie Smith, Chris Carpenter, Ray Lankford and you have a storied team that just nudges past the Giants for the number two spot.

1) New York Yankees

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All Time Record: 9,913-7,495, .569

World Series Record: 27-13

Pennants: 40

Playoff Appearances: 51

Notable Players: Derek Jeter, Yogi Berra, John DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Lou Gehrig, Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Thurman Munson, Mariano Rivera, Yogi Berra and Babe Ruth.

Did anyone really expect another team to be number one? Love or hate them, from a sheer statistical standpoint, the Yanks are the most successful team in baseball. The only above category that this franchise does not lead in is overall wins. It is just amazing the amount this team has been able to do since 1903, especially since the folks in the pin stripes are nearly 2,500 games over .500. The closest team to them is the San Francisco Giants, who are 900 games behind. Make all the arguments you want about payroll and being in a bigger market, but the Yankees have always seemed to produce, having 27 World Series Rings to show for it.

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