After being fired from the New York Jets, it appeared that the new Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan needed to update a few of his things. As the Wall Street Journal’s video shows, it was time to get rid of his old clothes — donated to Salvation Army — and change his infamous tattoo.

The tattoo came during the midst of the Tim Tebow craze in 2012: the then Jets head coach decided to get a tattoo to commemorate this period while also showing Mark Sanchez he is still his starting quarterback. As the above photo shows, the ink is of Ryan’s wife doing the Tebow pose while only wearing a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey.

A weird tattoo at the time, the now Bills coach thought it was time to change it to represent his new team. So while at Super Bowl XLIX, Rex visited Old Town Ink to change the jersey’s colors from the Jets to the Bills. Hopefully, the tattoo change will bring him more luck than his post-2012 life at the Meadowlands.

H/T: Wall Street Journal

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