Former 49ers and Bears defensive end Ray McDonald has been arrested, yet again, for violating a restraining order established by his former fiancée after Monday’s incident.

Ray McDonald Arrested Again

This is the second time he has been arrested in less than a week and the fourth time he has been in trouble with the law in less than a year. But this time it appears to be somewhat of a misunderstanding.

Now, he violated the restraining order by being at the Santa Clara residence where the alleged incident took place. But allegedly, he was there on official business, letting in a private investigator to help establish a defense for the domestic assault charges.

“Today my investigator contacted her and confirmed that she was in Santa Cruz,” McDonald’s attorney, Steve Defilippis told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “And Ray went over to the apartment to meet the investigator to let him in so that he could get photographs of this allegedly broken door, and lo and behold the cops show up and arrest him.”

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After police found out that he was at the residence, they would later search for McDonald before officially arresting him at a local restaurant. McDonald’s attorney also told ESPN that the former NFL player was never properly served with the restraining order and how his client was told the alleged victim would not be there.

The initial Ray McDonald arrest has the Chicago Bears under fire: the question, should a player be given a second chance is currently being debated. And this situation certainly affects other players like Ray Rice, who had the possibility of rejoining a team for the 2015 season. On top of this, while the Bears were quick to release McDonald, should a player be treated as innocent before proven guilty? Or should teams move swiftly to eradicate the situation?

As for McDonald, it looks like he will never play another down, guilty or innocent, in the NFL.

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