It seems as though NFL training camps are just extensions of the Remember The Titans camp where the team bonded over fights. But the common denominator in all of them is the fact that they usually never involve the quarterback, but there is always a first for everything. At the Panther’s camp on Monday, cornerback Josh Norman picked off quarterback Cam Newton, and after Newton chased Norman down, rowdiness ensued.

In a glorified game of push, Norman pushes Newtown, and Newton pushed Norman. What ends the pushing? Not the teammates, who try to separate the two heated players, but only succeed in pushing each other. Then finally, after about a minute of this never ending game and a whole lot of yelling, the two come apart.

According to the media present at the Panthers’ training camp, both Newton and Norman had been going at each other for the whole weekend and the fight was naturally bound to happen.

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Fights during camps right before the beginning of the season are many times viewed as necessary for unit cohesion going into the season. It build chemistry among the team and allows for trust during the game. What is interesting, however, is that the franchise quarterback would risk injury to achieve this. It has been seen before that injuries come merely from getting off the field.

But in any case, the two have got to settle it before their first preseason game at Buffalo on Friday, Aug. 14.

If not, well, there goes the Super Bowl.

Newton has a career 14,426 passing yards with 82 touchdowns and 54 interceptions for a 59.5 completion percentage.

Norman has a career total 130 combined tackles and 3 interceptions.

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