In probably the most childish squabble of the new year, rival owners Woody Johnson and Robert Kraft have been going back and forth over star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Way back at the end of the 2014 season, Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, held a news conference highlighting the disappointing season and the team’s offseason plans. In the midst of the conference, Woody was asked about the famous cornerback: “I’d love for Darrelle to come back.”

As a result, the Patriots hit them with a tampering charge. Technically, it is against the rules to talk about acquiring a player while they are still under contract for a different team. But the Jets organization claimed that the owner did not mean anything by the comment and that the charge was ridiculous.


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So fast forward to Kraft talking to the media on Monday at the owner’s meeting in Phoenix: “I speak as a fan of the New England Patriots, we wanted to keep him.” Of course, there is no ill intent with the comment, but the Jets decided that being the mature adult is pointless and filed a tampering charge in retaliation.

This is probably the dumbest use of resources in the NFL. Instead of worrying about more important issues, someone has to actual investigate — even if it is for a minute amount of time — these two claims. The Jets and Patriots are far from the most likable teams, but the two owners need to grow up.

Revis, who won the Super Bowl with the Pats last year, signed a 5-year $70.1 million contract with the New York Jets in the offseason.

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