Monday, Pete Rose submitted another application to be reinstated. Last month, it was reported that the new MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, would be open to hearing the case, something Bud Selig refused to do.

Still, even with the hearing, it is an intense uphill battle for Rose. But, at least, he has MLBPA head Tony Clark on his side.

“I would love to see Pete reinstated,” Clark said after a meeting with Detroit Tigers players.

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The media further attempted to clarify his statement. “He made a decision,” Clark said to ESPN. “He made a decision that was not the right decision. He made a decision that he has paid a price for.”

Afterwards, he talked about if Rose served enough time on MLB’s lifetime ban list: “Yes. I would love for there to be a consideration made, on behalf of the commissioner’s office, that would take that into account, in reinstating him.” However, the MLBPA has no say in the matter. The decision will ultimately come down to Manfred.

Personally, I believe Pete Rose paid for his crimes and the way MLB has handled the situation — inviting him to certain events to make money off his name — is atrocious. As uSports has pointed out, Cooperstown is far from hallowed grounds.

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