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Celeb Trainer Sebastien Lagree’s Workout Tips: You Only Need 25 Minutes!

Celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree is sharing the workout tips that took him decades to develop. “If someone just wants to lose weight, I will tell them the first thing they need to control is their diet because you cannot control a bad diet,” Lagree told uSports. “You need to control the diet, that is the most important thing, because if you can control this it is something you have control over day in and day out. You don’t have to burn what you don’t eat, so that’s my number one thing.”

His plan for getting fit will take you on a different course. “If someone just wants to tone up, then I would say they have to pick an activity they enjoy,” Lagree said. “There are other ways to tone up. You can do boot camp in the woods if you want to. There’s all kinds of strengthening activities you can do.  You can go to swim, water is a form of resistance.”

Lagree believes fitness requires long-term dedication. “You have to pick an activity that you know you will do, not today and tomorrow, but for the rest of your life, because there is no point in making those changes if you’re not going to permanently integrate that into your lifestyle,” he said.

The trainer disputes the common belief that you have to workout for at least half an hour to see results. “People need to understand that a great workout can be had in any amount of time,” he told uSports. “If you only have 15 minutes, you can do a great fitness regimen in fifteen minutes.”

Read more about Sebastien’s Supraformer program here.

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